Tuesday, February 14, 2012


This is ethan on his birthday, ready for bed..he loves his new Mario pajama..

Happy Valentine's Day

It seems that i'm no good at doing this 'journal' thing regularly :)

But thats okay, i still want to say Happy Valentine's Day to all of you..
just a slight info.. my boys r growing up so fast..just cant imagine it..
they went to school already and did well on doing all things they love :)
Mom and dad always proud of them

My business is going very well last year, only by God's grace and favor. Never imagine of doing this baby stuff before but guess what, now it become my everyday life and i'm enjoying it to the max.
I believe this year God will bless it even more, i believe He will bring this biz far beyond i can imagine, i just trust Him. Hopefully i would be a blessing to other people.

Thanks to my husband who always support me and believe me more than i believe myself..

well need to go to sleep now..
God bless you all

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'm Back after almost 2 years

Just couldn't believe it..its almost 2 years since the last time i post in here..

Ethan has a brother already !!! YEAAAhhh.. and his name is CALVIN BENJAMIN SUKAMTO..and guess what .. he is 1 year old already :)

Having 2 boys is making my life so much full of joy and energy. No wonder i lost my extra weight very fast without go on diet ..so good.

Ethan already going to preschool near home. He's progressing fast on being independent. But still very slow on speaking properly but its okay..he still my beloved naughty little ethan.
He likes to tease his brother his own way.But since i gave him time out several time after got his brother cry, now everytime Calvin cry near him, he suddenly run away of hide behind the couch or wall..afraid i might get angry eventhough its not his fault.. hahaha..
Now he has another trick, when i'm about to get mad he put his hand through my head and say *sayang mommy..sayang mommy* ...and it works.. sigh..

Calvin is another little one..very expressive.. his crying voice is so loud. He likes to laugh and cream and dancing too.. so adorable.
After breastfeed him for a year, thank God he is now can drink milk from the bottle, i couldn't imagine if he refuses bottle forever...(thank God for hearing my prayer)

Calvin is food maniac.. i dont know how he digest the food so fast..he never full i think..but he doesn't look fat at all. Everything he see food, he'll scream mam mam mam.. if you dont give him some..better watch out haha...

My 2 boys also addicted to milk. They will scream when see their milk bottle..ckck i bet they got it from daddy!! as mommy not really like milk hehe

3rd one ??? Im enjoying having just 2 now..maybe yes maybe no..will think about it the next 2-3 years maybe.. having a baby girl will be great but not now i think...

Btw its my boys!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Ethan's Sleeping Style

How can i not smile to see ethan sleep like this...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ethan is 8 months and 1 week

I almost forgot to update this blog..
Last monday we went to hospital for Ethan's 3rd IPD vaccine .
Ethan's weight was 9.1kg and length was 6.9cm according to the doctor but i was pretty sure that ethan is taller than that..hehehe coz last month he's already 6.9cm..i'm gonna do measure again myself :)
anyway.. I thank God that ethan is growing very fast.. even untill now he still has no teeth coming out, but he can eat crackers already..
Just today i witness that he can stand up by himself by holding my clothes, so amazing.. he always amazed me each day..and i'm so glad that i can see he grows everyday..
He's so smart.. sometimes he does thing that i cant understand where he learn that from. Like dropping things on purpose.. etc..
He's so adorable.. i never get tired of hugging and kissing him :)
Can't wait until he calls me mommy and walk..
I'm so blessed to have him as my son..
Me and David is a blessed parent for having him..

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ethan is 7 months.

yes.. today ethan is 7 months old... time fly so fast...
he's getting stronger...sekarang ethan sudah bisa berdiri sendiri sambil pegangan di pinggiran box nya...wah...hebat deh..ga nyangka juga..cuman emang kakinya itu kenceng dan kuat abis dari 4,5bulan udah suka di pegang sambil berdiri dan dia jump up n down gitu...kalo orang ngeliat pada kirain aku yang segaja bikin dia lompat2 padahal ethan sendiri yang suka bouncing gitu...sempat agak kuatir si banyak yang bilang takutnya kakinya belum kuat

tapi gimana ethan yang mau sendiri kalo ga diturutin bisa ngomel dia hehe bener juga alhasil baru 7 bulan ethan dah bisa duduk sendiri sama berdiri sendiri walaupun sambil pegangan....
Thank God i believe like the meaning of his name..ethan will grow strong..:)
My prayer is that ethan will be blessed with a healthy body, strong bone, humble heart, joyful spirit and have a heart that fear God....

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ethan's New Habit

Duh ethan tambah hari tambah ada-ada aja tingkahnya.. mentang2 udah bisa guling2, ngerangkak lumayan bisa sekarang maunya jengking2 gitu..ni anak aktif banget deh...*mirip sapa ya...jadi malu hehehe* udah gitu kalo makan...hmmmmm ga ada yang lawan dah kalo nurutin maunya bisa porsi double tuh.. cuman bagusnya dia ga over weight..biar kelihatannya chubby *tipuan mata..* yang ndut itu pipinya aja hehe aslinya ethan ma ga ndut apalagi kalo lagi polos hehehe keliatan tuh langsingnya...hehehe